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Hello Bakers,

Breaking news: my Art of Sourdough recipe book has arrived!


About the book:

  • Detailed introduction into sourdough care and use

  • Delicious recipes using active sourdough and sourdough “discard”

  • A photo for every recipe

  • Easy to follow instructions & no fancy equipment or ingredients

  • Extra tips, tricks, and secrets to make your baking even better

  • Chapters: Sourdough for the Soul, Bread boules, Savoury fried sourdough with herbs, Focaccia, Bagels, Sourdough-base pizzas, Pancakes

The paper copy of my book are for sale for as little as 5 euros per copy and can be picked up in Alcaucin or Velez-Malaga (or sent to your location, mailing costs apply). Message your order if you are interested in having your copy!

In other exciting news, we will be organising one last sourdough workshop before the start of the crazy summer season and will take place on Sunday 2 June. This will be the one for a while to come. Make sure to reserve your spot now, as only a handful of spaces remain for this event!

Happy baking x

Follow my account @ChefEvs on Instagram!

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