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Hey, I'm Evelien!

I am a Sport and Exercise Science (BSc.) graduate with a passion for continued learning in the field of health and the human body. As a fanatic cook and triathlete, I have a great interest in the effects of lifestyle on health and wellbeing. Running a restaurant has gained me an understanding of what it means to cook meals that are satisfying and nourishing. My further qualifications and experience in Strength Training, Physical Conditioning and Endurance Sports, Yoga, and massage have constructed a well-rounded understanding of the aspects of physical activity that bring balance to the body. 

Tanzanite Hearts


Tanzanite Hearts empowers individuals to develop holistic practices for mental and physical wellbeing and to create habits that improve quality of life. 

The Healing Arts ("Hearts") provide a holistic approach towards mental and physical wellbeing. Tanzanite symbolises of the head-heart synergy and represent longevity.

My services include Hatha Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodyworks, and Personal Training in Velez-Malaga and Alcaucin

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