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Sourdough for the soul

Updated: May 13

Bread is one of the most widely consumed foods, and has been a staple for thousands of years. Sourdough, specifically, has been used for leavening of bread dough for several hundreds of years, and sourdough bread was made as early as 3000 B.C. Sourdough started as a piece of dough from the previous bake that was kept for the next bake, when it would be mixed with additional flour, salt, and water to make bread dough.

Sourdough bread is a naturally leavened bread, signifying that, rather than using commercial yeast to rise, it instead uses a ‘starter’ (this is the retained piece of dough from the previous bake: a fermented flour and water mixture that contains naturally occurring yeast and bacteria). It produces a bread with a distinct flavour and texture.

Sourdough yeast is less vigorous than the yeast you buy in the shop and the resulting dough takes longer to rise. The bread has a weaker gluten and denser crumb with large air bubbles. Due to its weaker gluten, it is more easily digested by those sensitive to wheat compared to regular yeast breads.

To make sourdough bread, dough is fermented using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. Lactobacilli produce lactic acid, lowering the bread's pH (making it more acidic) and increasing its anti-bacterial properties, giving it a more sour taste and improving its keeping qualities.

The flavour of sourdough bread varies from place to place according to the method used, the hydration of the starter and the final dough, the refreshment ratio, the length of the fermentation periods, ambient temperature, humidity, and elevation, all of which contribute to the microbiology of the sourdough

How can it be that something so decadent and delicious can also be healthy? Although sourdough bread may not contain probiotics (i.e. the live bacteria found in certain foods or supplements) since they are likely not able to survive the high heat of the baking process, it does still contain prebiotics (i.e. the food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines), which are vital for our health and wellbeing. As there are up to 1,000 species of bacteria in the human gut, and its dysbiosis could result in overweight, IBS and IBD, cardiovascular problems, blood sugar imbalances and diabetes, and brain health issues, keeping the gut microbiome happy is fundamental!

Not convinced by the health benefits? The enjoyment of the bread's crunchy crust and sour and salty inside will be enough to change your mind!

Did you know that sourdough can be used for products other than bread? Try croissants, pancakes, savoury snacks, flatbreads, focaccia, pizza bases, and more!

Ready to start baking your own sourdough bread? You can now buy my SOURDOUGH RECIPE BOOK, which is for sale for 5 euros per copy. Simply message me your pick up time and get your copy from me directly in Alcaucin, Velez-Malaga, or surroundings*!

What's included in the book?

  • 🌟 Detailed introduction into sourdough care and use

  • 🌟 Delicious recipes using active sourdough and sourdough “discard”

  • 🌟 A photo for every recipe

  • 🌟 Easy to follow instructions & no fancy equipment or ingredients

  • 🌟 Extra tips, tricks, and secrets to make your baking even better

  • 🌟 Chapters: Sourdough for the Soul, Bread boules, Savoury fried sourdough with herbs, Focaccia, Bagels, Sourdough-base pizzas, Pancakes

* Ask me about the possibility of delivering it to your home; mailing costs apply 

Do you want to take part in our best-selling baking workshop at Casa Arts? We will be repeating our SOURDOUGH CARING AND BAKING WORKSHOP one last time before the summer. The workshop will run from 10:00 until 17:30 on Sunday, June 2nd, and include: 

  • 🍞 An introduction to sourdough

  • 🍞 Feeding and caring for sourdough starter

  • 🍞 Dough making

  • 🍞 Dough stretching and folding

  • 🍞 Loaf laminating and shaping

  • 🍞 Bread scoring and baking

 Alongside the theoretical learning, there will be hands-on workshops, where you get to make your own breads from scratch. There will be various sourdough snacks to try, and lunch, tea and coffee will be provided. You will leave the workshop with your very own sourdough bread, sourdough starter, and re-usable Casa Arts bread bag! The price of the day's workshop accounts to 50 euros.

Invite your friends and sign up now: only limited spaces are left!

Reasons to join:

  • 🍞 Get involved in our last workshop

  • 🍞 Learn to create and care for your starter

  • 🍞 Learn to bake with your starter

  • 🍞 Take home your own fresh baked, sourdough starter and free reusable bag

  • 🍞 Have lunch & connect with like-minded individuals

Happy baking!

Evelien Arts,

Founder of Tanzanite Hearts

+44 796734139067

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